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Ceramic braces
Advantages of Ceramic Braces

No one is born with the perfect set of teeth. If the person’s mouth is small compared to the size and number of teeth they have, it is possible that some of the teeth are pushed further down the back of the mouth and causing some misaligned teeth and can result in distorting your facial structure – it certainly is a huge impact on the overall appearance. Teeth definitely play a huge role in one’s physical appearance.

However scary it might sound, there is no need to worry because there are solutions to this problem.

Braces are the best solution to solve this dental problem – the earlier you get the braces, the better. However, braces are also applicable to adults.

The Less Visible of the Dental Braces

Ceramic braces are used for people suffering from severe types of orthodontic work and are considered to be one of the most unique of all dental braces. Its function is the same like any other dental braces, but it has brackets and other materials that are not visible.

With the traditional brackets used typically on dental braces, they are mostly made with metal, which is shiny and can easily give away that person that they are wearing braces. Metal braces are not really physically appealing to deal with for anybody with braces. The metal can really cause a lot of discomfort especially in the gums and can lead to mouth sores due to irritation. Forget about enjoying your favorite meal when you have the traditional metal braces on. On the contrary, ceramic braces help in addressing this issue.


Ceramic braces come from composite materials, which are ceramic based and it also comes in different shades or colors that matches one’s teeth. This is the wonder of ceramics – colors is not just of one shade of white, but can also be off-white; depending on the color of the person’s teeth. It helps not only to address serious orthodontic alignment, but with its different colors, it makes it easy to match the rest of the person’s teeth.

Another great thing about ceramic braces is that their brackets are not as bulky as that of the metal brackets. You might be surprised that each of these brackets is hand-made to be able to fit perfectly into one’s tooth. The various sizes can work well with the different teeth sizes that that are subject for treatment. This makes it harder for people to see.

Aside from the aesthetic advantage of the ceramic braces, it feels much better on the patient’s teeth and mouth overall. Another thing that is great with ceramic braces is that is does not leave any permanent stains to one’s teeth unlike some metallic materials that is common on most metal braces. So after the dental braces are removed from the teeth, there will be some positive results without having to deal with unusual marks left from the brackets.

The ceramic material has a smooth feel to it and once inside the mouth, it will not be irritating compared to the typical braces. Ceramic braces are made for comfort, purpose and appearance.

If you’re wondering about the wire that goes through the dental braces, they can also come in either white or off-white in color, something that will match with the brackets and making it invisible to the eyes. People will think you are not wearing any braces at all.

Of course, quality has its price. Ceramic braces are a little bit higher than the standard metal dental braces. Of course it’s not only the features and composition that makes these types of braces a bit higher in cost; it also has something to do with the process used in getting these braces made.

Overall, if you are looking to have something done with your teeth, depending on the severity of the problem and if the patient wants to have some comfort, then it is advisable to look into ceramic braces. Looking beautiful does not need to be painful and with the braces, it brings out that killer smile! Check in with our friendly dentists at the Elite Dental Group for your options.