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Metal braces

Interesting Facts about Metal Braces

Do you have issues with the positioning of your teeth? Did you know that the positioning of your teeth can result in facial distortion? Teeth creates a big impact on someone else’s appearance. For any tooth positioning problem, dental braces are the only solution. Among the most common of all the dental braces is the metal brace, which is made out of nickel and titanium. These are the only recommended metals to go inside the mouth by dentists all over the world – for health reasons of course.

Another thing for those who have teeth positioning problems, is to find the right orthodontist to be able to recommend them if dental braces are the right fit for them or which type of dental brace is advised.


Common Misconceptions


Some orthodontists prefer other dental braces like ceramic braces compared to using metal braces. A common misconception to this is that metal braces are not suitable for adults, but the truth is, there is really no age limit. The effectiveness of the metal brace does not limit itself to a patient’s age.


Metal braces are the only brace type that can align the teeth. This is not true, but they actually do more than align the teeth. In fact, dentists noticed that once the braces are removed, it is found that the upper and lower sets of teeth are touching properly. What is also interesting is that with metal braces, the teeth and gums have become healthier.

The common complications that most dentists notice after the metal braces has been removed are a slight sticking out of the tongue. Some large teeth gaps between teeth or overcrowding can be a result of implementing the wrong procedures.

What it all boils down to that needs to be checked after the removal of the braces is that the patient can bite or eat their food properly. The purpose may be to align the position of the teeth, but it should not weaken the teeth.

There are some effects that can be associated with the removal of braces are speech problems, an uncomfortable feeling in the tongue and in rare instances, can cause the patient to have some mild headache.

Downside to Wearing Metal Braces

  • The only downside to wearing metal braces is the fact that it is visible.
  • You are not allowed to remove them until the treatment is finished.
  • Can irritate the gums and teeth.
  • Food does not taste as good.
  • Cause muscle soreness

Cost of Metal Braces

When it comes to pricing, metal braces are more affordable than any other dental braces available. However, one should remember that the cost still depends on the condition of the teeth and how far the positioning of the teeth needs to be adjusted. It is highly recommended to make some frequent adjustments to the braces – and this can also be a factor to the cost of the brace.

Another cost factor for metal braces is the orthodontist’s fees. So, before making any hasty decision, it is recommended to visit the Elite Dental Group, a leading Singapore dental clinic with friendly dentists to accommodate you.

Drop by for a check-up at Elite Dental Group. Our dentists will make a treatment plan based on what you need. Metal braces are not the only option that the dentists offer, minor displacements or invisible or ceramic braces are also offered. Depending on the plan you want and your needs, Elite Dental Group can bring out that perfect smile.

For more information about metal braces and what option fits your needs, contact the top dental clinic in Orchard Road – Elite Dental Group, today!