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Sports Mouth guards


Can you imagine how you’d feel if suddenly, your two front teeth have gone missing? You’d probably be embarrassed to smile or talk, and eating can become hard to do. We need our teeth. There are a lot of things that can get affected when we have two missing front teeth.

Especially if you are active in sports, where accidents like getting hit in the face occur, it is possible to lose a tooth or a couple of teeth from accidents. This is where the mouth guards, or mouth protectors, come into place. They help to cushion the blow to the face and lessen the risk of any broken or loose teeth, as well as protect you from impact injuries to your lips, face, jaw, or tongue. Custom sports mouth guards typically cover the upper teeth and protect the soft tissues of the tongue and lips, as well as the lining of the cheek.

Preventing any injuries resulting from impact to your face especially during sports or recreational activities is vital. There is no other better way to protect your mouth than using mouth guards. Mouth guards should be considered an essential piece of athletic equipment no matter the type of sports or age of the player.

It is interesting to know that based on some studies, athletes are 60 times more likely to suffer harm to their teeth without using a mouth guard. The impact and collision in sports like basketball, rubgy, boxing, mixed martial arts or any other forms of rough sports are enough to harm the teeth. Anybody who is into gymnastics and skating can also get dental injuries. So, it is really crucial to know how mouth guards help to prevent any serious damage to the face.


Types of Mouth Guards

  1. Stock – these are the cheap ones and come already pre-formed or ready to wear. The downside to a ready-made and standard sized mouth guards is that they often do not fit as well, and it can be bulky in the mouth, making breathing and talking very difficult.
  2. Boil and Bite – These are mouth guards that are readily available in sports equipment stores or drugstores and can offer a better fit than that of stock mouth guards. They are hard, but when soaked with boiling water, this can soften and in a few minutes after the soaking, can be inserted in the mouth to allow to adapt to the shape of the mouth. They are typically very thick and uncomfortable just like the stock mouthguards.
  3. Custom-fitted – these are made by your dentist to fit perfectly to your mouth alone. They can be a bit more expensive than the other two, but since they are custom-fitted to your mouth, they offer the best fit, highest level of protection, and can offer sports performance enhancements .

The best form of mouth guard is actually the custom-fitted one, and if you wear any form of dental equipment like a brace especially on the lower jaw, then the dentist would suggest a custom-fitted mouth guard for you.

Having a well-fitted mouth guard is very important especially to those with braces or fixed bridge work because any blow to the face can not only damage your cheeks, gums and teeth, but also any braces brackets and other orthodontic work on your mouth.  The fitted mouth guard serves as a barrier between the braces, cheek or lip, allowing limited impact to the face that can result in soft tissue injuries.

In summary, a custom sports mouth guard can provide you the best protection during your sporting activities. Although most mouth guards only cover the upper teeth, there are also mouth guards available for the lower teeth – only the dentist or orthodontist can custom make these for you.

Before engaging in sports, remove any retainer or removable dental appliance in your mouth, and put on your custom-fitted mouth guard for better protection.

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