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Implant supported removable denture

Dental implants have another very important application. They are excellent supports for removable dentures. Although traditionally dentures were fitted directly to the jaw; however, over time denture wearers find that their bone and gums shape change to result in looser and badly-fitting dentures that need various kinds of adhesives to stay in place. Dental implants are effectively able to prevent this eventuality by providing a strong and durable anchor to support the removable dentures instead of sitting on the gums.


Implant supported removable dentures potentially are also less bulky and uncomfortable than traditional dentures that have to extend over the jaw. Although the care of the removable dentures is unchanged, the implant supports give the wearer long term comfort in wearing a denture that will go the distance and does not cause discomfort over time. At Elite Dental Group, your dentist will go though your dental treatment plan in depth before recommending any implant treatments. Not all our patients may require removable dentures, as novel implant and other technologies present both alternative and effective treatment methods.