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Chair Side Whitening

Chairside Whitening is a teeth whitening procedure done by a professional dentist in the clinic.

In-office Zoom! Chairside Whitening

Before the start of the whitening procedure, the dentist will isolate your teeth to prevent any tissue irritation due to the bleaching lights and gel. A protective gel will then be applied to the exposed gums. Next, the dentist will use a brush to apply the 25% hydrogen peroxide ZOOM whitening gel, that works together with the bleaching light to penetrate your teeth and break down stains and discolorations. The gel is applied 3-4 times of 15 minutes sessions, for a total treatment time of about 60 minutes. Upon completion, your teeth will be 6-10 shades whiter than before, leaving you with a beautiful and confident smile!


For more information on Chairside Whitening, please read the brochure provided below:

Zoom Laser Teeth Whitening.pdf