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What To Expect


Dental emergencies may occur at any time, causing severe pain and inconvenience. It is not unusual for dental emergencies to happen to patients who do not see the value in going for regular preventive dental check ups.


If you have a dental emergency and you are in severe acute pain, our top priority is to relieve your discomfort immediately.


We guarantee same day appointments for anyone experiencing a dental emergency. Our bookings for emergency patients are by appointment only, so please bear in mind that you may encounter some waiting time as we try to accommodate you in a full schedule.


Once we have helped you with immediate pain relief, we will then discuss with you all available treatment options for your dental problem. More definitive treatment will only be conducted during future visit(s) to restore dental form, function and aesthetics.



Dental emergencies can include


  • Severe Toothaches
  • Broken, cracked or dislodged teeth due to an injury or an accident
  • Swelling or infected abscess in the gums or face
  • Dislodged fillings, crowns or orthodontic brackets
  • Severe bleeding in the mouth or gums
  • Broken dentures





If an adult tooth has been avulsed or knocked out of the mouth completely, retrieve the tooth by holding only the crown (the white portion) and store it in a container filled with fresh full cream milk as soon as possible. Bring the tooth along to your appointment.


DO NOT rinse the tooth or attempt to clean/wipe it.


DO NOT handle the root (covered in red tissue/debris)


You may also be able to replace the tooth back into the socket before coming to the practice.


Time is of the essence: successful re-implantation of avulsed teeth needs to be done within 20 minutes.



After Hours Dental Emergencies


Our practice can cater for dental emergencies 24 hours per day, 365 days per year.



If you have a severe dental emergency when our practice is closed, our rostered duty dentist can open up the practice to help at odd hours of the night or even during sundays.



We charge a fee of SGD$500 before GST to open up our practice after office hours and to activate the necessary support staff and nurses. This fee is in addition to the fees for the emergency dental treatment rendered.

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