What are the consequences if I don’t extract an impacted wisdom tooth?

I’m a 21 year old female. My wisdom tooth has been impacted for 2 years. There has been constant swelling over the last few months and antibiotics don’t work. This situation has made me quite uncomfortable.



Thank you for your question! And im sorry to hear that you are in discomfort and that you have been having an impacted wisdom tooth for 2 years.

The picture shows that the tooth is partially erupted from the gum and is still hidden under the gum flap.

When wisdom teeth begin to erupt out of gum as it is now in your case, it’s not unusual for infections to set in.

This is because food particles can get trapped underneath the gum flap, and if it is left uncleaned, the gum overlying the wisdom tooth can get infected.

This condition is called pericoronitis.


If the pericoronitis infection spreads and gets worse, you may experience other symptoms such as a fever, a bad sore throat or even swollen lymph nodes and general malaise.

I would strongly encourage you to see your trusted dentist as soon as you can, for treatment, and to discuss the pros and cons and risks of having your wisdom tooth removed, to potentially prevent future bouts of pericoronitis.

If you do not extract your wisdom tooth, you may have repeated bouts of pericoronitis which maybe very uncomfortable and annoying.

I hope this answer helps you and I wish you a speedy recovery.

Dr. Gerald Tan

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